Monday, March 28, 2011

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project Given a Go - Ahead

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The Lk. Turkana Wind Power Project which was to start installation last year has finally been given the green light. This had followed months of delay from the Government of Kenya, through the Ministry of Energy in handing out a Letter of Support. The Letter of Support provides two components ie

1. An assurance from the firm's lenders that the Government will step in and help in case KPLC (Kenya Power & Lighting Company) will
be unable to buy the power generated.
2.IPPs (Independent Power Producers) will obtain liquidity support through the IDAPRG (International Development Association Partial Risks
Guarantees) while the termination and political risks will be covered by MIA (Multilateral Insurance Agency)

Mr.Wageningen, the company's chairman said that they have raised Sh.20Billion, 30% of the estimated project cost and saying that lenders have shown positive attitude towards the project.

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project will involve the installation of 365 Vestas Wind Turbines each with a max output of 865kW and a combined output of 300MW. Work will start in October 2011. First 50MW will be ready in September 2013.And by the close of 2014, the project will be producing 300MW into the National Grid.

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