Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Phase Blog is 4 Years Old

Today marks a special occasion as we walk into another new year. Its been now 4 years of writing and experiencing the full dose of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. First of all, Happy New Year to all my frequent and also seldom readers. Thanks for taking time to write a comment I know its not the easiest of things to write a mathematical comment on blogger, but thanks. Also big thanks to all who have sent me emails, I know sometimes I have been late in replying them but thanks.

This new year marks a new turn of events. Since now am in China, updating the blog has been very hard since blogger is blocked here but I have resulted to using the email to publish feature which I will be using now henceforth. As for the close of 2013 I have been very busy mastering Chinese so no time to work on my projects but since now I can speak, lets get back to High Voltage, shall we? :-)

The following are my plans for 2014 which I hope to acheieve with time:
  1. 3 Phase Blog gets a custom domain. - Its time I moved out of blogger and into the internet world. I plan to register a custom domain for myself and this blog will ride on it. This also means a new great outlook, coming soon...
  2. Chinese Translation - I will also offer a Chinese translation for all my posts to improve my Mandarin, however if there is a contradiction, the English version is superior.(也将提供一个中国翻译我所有的职位,以提高我的普通话,但是如果有矛盾,以英文版本为优.)
  3. More Maths - Its time to dive into some power calculations this year, since I have long done them and I feel its very important.
  4. More Pictures - My dSLR will arrive soon (so much for a Chirstmass gift) so I will be able to do an upclose gallery once more.
  5. More Modern Engineering