Thursday, September 25, 2014

Make History While Building A Railway

Kenya is building her second railway line since independence and the project dubbed The Standard Gauge Railway Project has its own share of critics despite the project being underway.After arriving home from the 1 year in China, I was called upon to translate for the workers on the site and after 1 month and a half its been a great expereince. Never thought I could speak some great Chinese. The project site is called Section 7 at a small town called Emali, some 120km from Nairobi on the Nbi-Mbsa Highway.

I plan to be here for 7months where I will improve my Chinese to complete fluency. Also get to understand the electrical engineering that moves trains on tracks. Also I plan to increase my electrical engineering vocabulary in Chinese from the normal 电力 (Dian Li)- Electrical Engineering to more sophisticated characters and terminologies. All of which I will upload here for all to benefit.