Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour - During the Hour

During this year's Earth Hour event, there was worldwide response to honour the hours. Many people switched off their lights as soon as the clock reached 08:30pm. This years theme was to go beyond the hour.

During the darkness which was reduced by pockets of candle light here and there, people sat in silence to remember the Japan Quake Victims and those injured during this horrific incident.

Facts About Earth Hour
Hour is about turning off the lights for one hour.
Earth Hour, was first started in Australia (2007) as a way to bring community together to acknowledge the importance of reducing consumption of earths natural resources.  Turning off the lights for an hour helps us see the impact we have on the environment..

Just one year after the first "Earth Hour" in Sydney Australia it became a viral phenonemon.  Now spreading globally with a movement reaching more than 50 million people that participate in more than 35 countries.

Sidney set a goal to reduce carbon emissions by 5%.

In the USA it is estimated that 80 million people joined the Earth Hour movement in 2009, which had grown to  nearly 1 billion globally.

Recent estimates show 1 billion supporters in 4,100 cities from 87 countries located on seven different joined in turning off their lights for earth hour..

Earth Hour hopes to encourage consumers, businesses, and governments to be thoughtful in action plans to caryy out practical ways to reduce emmissions. 

Earth Hour 2011
This Saturday, Earth Hour swept around the globe as people switched off their lights for Earth Hour.With a record-breaking 134 countries participating, the global community showed it is united in commitment to a sustainable future.Now, let's take the next step and commit to ongoing action for the planet.

To see pictures of 40 Cities before and after Earth Hour Click Here

Here is me during the Earth Hour.

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