Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kenya Go-Green Expo 2011

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is hosting an exhibition dubbed: Go Green Expo 2011 from 29th-31st March 2011 at, Kenyatta International Conference Center - Court Yard.

Green Economy has been described by UNEP as economic growth that reduces carbon emissions and pollution, while enhancing energy and resource efficiency. The Exhibition will provide an opportunity to showcase green initiatives by diverse stakeholders contributing to green economy in Kenya.

The Go Green Expo aims at show casing companies from all sectors, multi-nationals, NGO’s, private sector, public sector, individuals, schools, universities, hospitals, among others whose initiatives are contributing to a green economy. Initiatives that contribute to a green economy contribute low carbon emissions. High carbon emissions contribute to climate change Past economic growth strategies focused on rapid accumulation of physical, financial and human capital at the expense of excessive depletion and degradation of natural capital which includes natural resources and ecosystem goods and services.

Economic growth in recent decades has been achieved through drawing down natural resources leading to widespread ecosystem degradation and loss without allowing adequate time for stock of natural capital to regenerate. The transition to green economy is a key intervention in safeguarding global economies from the effects of climate change. The Go Green expo:

1. will offer exhibitors an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a green economy as being a one time cost and once invested in systems and equipments it contributes to national good by ensuring that raw materials are efficiently used and wasteful production is avoided.
2. will offer exhibitors a chance to show case green products and services that they manufacture and provide
3. Will provide an opportunity for the public to be educated on a green economy and how they can tap into existing international funding for example through carbon trading
4. Will demonstrate how stakeholders whohave embraced a green economy have beneffited in international markets. Goods that have been produced in an environmental friendly manner are advantaged as they stand a greater chance to be purchased in global markets.

Plan to Attend.

Source: NEMA Website

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