Monday, November 29, 2010

Ngong Wind Power - Kenya

Installed Capacity: 5.1 Mega Watts
Commisioning Year: 2009
Wind Turbines: 6
Output of each turbine: 850kW
Model: Vestas V52
Main Contractor TPF-Econoler SA (Belgium)
Location:Ngong Hills, 22km SW of capital, Nairobi - Kenya.

Standing tall at a height of 50m from the ground, the wind turbines rotate at the winds pace in a bid to generate Kenya's source of Wind Power.The Ngong Wind Power Project which was commissioned in August 2009, is Kenya's largest Wind Power Station but will come second once the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project (LTWP) is completed.

The 6 Turbines, each with a maximum output of 850kW produce a total of 5.1MW of clean energy into the grid.For the Vestas V52 Model turbines, KenGen executed a contract for the implementation of Ngong Hills Wind Power project with TPF-Econoler SA (TPFE) of Belgium on 29th October 2007.