Thursday, January 7, 2010

Safety With Electricity

Electricity can be interesting to work with but i got to emphasize that always put on all necessary safety wear when handling electricity.

Trust me, I went through an electric shock incident and it wasn't a walk in the park...

The following is a brief summary of safety tips you should consider before handling electricity.
  1. Know how much current you are going to work with, if in doubt measure it.
  2. Never work when current is still flowing. Switch it off at the mains/isolators
  3. Always wear correct safety gear when handling current. This includes:

    • Safety Cap
    • Coat
    • Googles
    • Gloves Thick soled shoes
  4. Never handle electricity without shoes! Having no-shoes provides a path of least resistance to current to the ground that can result in a severe lethal shock.
  5. When in doubt whether a conductor is live, call a qualified personnel.
  6. Locate the main switch of your house, and know where it is because it may help you in case of an electric problem.
  7. In the case of an electric fire in your house, evacuate all persons then try to switch of current flow to the entire house. Usually there are devices called circuit breakers that are supposed to cut the power in case of such an emergency.

First Aid To An Electric Shock Victim

  1. Switch of the Main Switch
  2. Isolate the patient from the point of contact (with the wire,cable...) using dry non-conductive object like wooden stick.
  3. Call for assistance.
  4. If patient is breathing and heart has stopped, you can try C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).
  5. If breathing but unconscious, put the victim in Recovery Position.
  6. Try treat for burns and shock.
Recovery Position


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