Friday, March 29, 2013

Cheap & Durable Raspberry Pi Case

Since the Raspberry Pi was released, there has been a frenzy to make a case for it since the Pi comes as a circuit-board or motherboard only. There have been many individuals who have invested some cool cases for the pi and even some using LEGO bricks to achieve this. Great work.

 However these do not come easy for the pocket, which will not go inline with the whole idea of making the Pi cheap, so I have made one that is a recycle from the many devices that we buy.

Ipod nano music device (Note the wonderful case that it sits on) | Alibaba

My Pi case (pictured high above) has been designed out of an Ipod Nano clear plastic case. The Pi fits perfectly despite some small mm of space required for the RJ45 and USB ports. I removed the front panel and put a hard cardboard across with provisions for the two ports above. Now the Pi sits snugly and to make things even better, since the case can open above, I can show off the Pi and provide a cold draft during overclocking seasons when it gets hot.

To acheive this case, I used a hot soldering gun to pierce and make holes for the many ports that the Pi has.
Here are the pics...

So that's my new Raspberry Pi, any questions or requests for detailed instructions, add them in the questions sections below.

REMINDER: Readers who wanted a Pi in Kenya kindly mail me sooner rather than later so that I can order a batch. Thanks

Happy Easter Holidays:-)

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