Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wind Farm Model Project

In a bid to come to a full understanding of Wind Farms, I have embarked on a project which will involve modelling an actual wind farm.

As opposed to regular models by Architects, my model will be alive but not generating. This simply means that, the vegetation will be alive and growing.

To save up on time, since the grass and other vegetation will take time to mature, I will start by preparing the land and planting the grass. As the grass takes tits time to grow, I will be working on the turbine models and associated structures on site.

I have modeled on Google Sketch-up and GH WindFarmer 4.2 (Best) to know how everything will fall in place. Sorry the model is not ready as for now, but I will upload as soon as possible. The whole model will be covered with a glass cover to protect it against dust. A grass watering system will also be working to keep the vegetation alive.
▲The plywood is cornered by cardboard to stop the soil from falling off.
▲Inside view of the setup. Note the plywood is corvered by Formica to prevent any chances of rotting.
▲Complete. I used electrical insulation tape (Green)

There is more...▼▼▼

▲Further, added polythene paper (2Layers) to prevent water from sip[ping o the wood. Eventually I will cut the paper neatly and unnoticeable.
▲Ready and held in place by pegs for the soul to be poured.
▲With the soil poured and stones removed, I leveled the terrain and its ready to be planted grass and vegetation.

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