Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wind Farm Model - Part 2

The Wind Park Model Project is well on track. Still fixing some parts in the design part here on my PC.
Outside the grass is picking and adapting to the new environment. Some vegetation cover is starting to grow as the grass starts to cover the surface.

The design on WindFarmer has some bit of errors and placement of Wind Turbines here and there so can't post it now but its coming soon.

Here are some pics of the veggie cover on the box.


  1. This is a great project that can also be carried out at home. I started taking electrician courses whilst I was at school and I have been thinking of something for a final year project! great job!

  2. Austin MwangiApril 11, 2012

    Cool project but I am wondering how you are going to tackle the site roughness and lapse rate values because of scale.You also have to get a clear picture of the wakes produced and how they expand by modelling so that you can know how to space the turbines.Wind farmer can help you do that or you can do it analytically.

  3. Thanks for your concern Austin. Currently the ground surface is abit near [will upload the latest shots] and the grass has been trimmed. Am just waiting to achieve a 90% vegetation cover before i can install the turbines. WindFarmer is coming in handy coz am able to know how much space is required for the turbines and distance between each unit.