Friday, January 7, 2011

3phase blog is 1 year old

The 3phase blog is celebrating 1 year old since it was created.It has been a long journey especially the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) part.To all who have taken the time to comment or even read the posts....A big Thank you.

Not to forget all bloggers out there whom we have exchanged ideas and back links on how to make this site better better by day.Especially the synctum blog..thanks

Kudos to the dot tk (.tk) team who freely provided me with the .tk domain ( thus reducing the long domain name provided by Google guys.
Finaly thanks to Adobe for creating Adobe Photoshop which has enabled me edit my images to taste.

Thank you guys for the wonderful, inspiring and courageous comments...

Where We Came From

This was the first header when the blog was new.

A few months after I landed on the Google Search I changed the header to this.Was too big so didn't last long.

The best so far.Was put up soon after the FIFA World Cup kicked off.

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