Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ndakaini Dam is Full

The dam that supplies 75% of Nairobi’s water is now officially full to capacity. According to the Nairobi Water Company, the dam is at 94.8% capacity only one meter from its 70million cubic meter optimum capacity. This is good news for those who live in the city but is it time to celebrate yet?

It was only a few months ago when a water crisis was declared because the water level  at the dam was only 29%.The two dams that feed Nairobi with water are Ndakaini 75% and Sasumua 15%.These dams are intended to be emergency reservoirs not to be used unless it is absolutely essential.
With this wonderful turn of events, there is also a bad side to the dam filling with water. According to the designers of the dam, the area around the dam was sparsely populated and therefore the little inhabitants ware ignored. With time the population increased and not to forget it is illegal to use the water of the dam. They have endured all sorts of water related problems from water borne diseases, travelling inconveniences and reduced crop production due to reduced land area. Should these be so?
And now with the upsurge of water, these problems are going to come calling again. The government should start projects and initiatives to see to that the people living at Ndakaini benefit from the dam just as their Nairobi countrymen.

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