Friday, March 5, 2010

Is Engineering all about money?

Sometimes I really wonder whether this world is ever going to move forward if everybody just want money but no development. I was shocked when my fellow students were looking for an attachment at local companies based on how much they pay trainees.Why would one want to be paid and yet you are even not qualifies - you are there for the practical application of what one has learned in class. Actually, I would prefer to be attached to a company that pays little or no pay as long as I acquire that invaluable exposure.Okay, I agree that yes we all need money to survive in this competitive world but should people be paid large sums of money and yet nothing is being done in terms of development?...

 The reason why am asking this is mainly because just a few months ago, Kenya was in a power crisis that caused panic in city residents as well as those in the interior who use electricity virtually for everything. We are living in the 21st century and still this country is heavily relying on Hydro Electric Power. When will somebody come up with renewable energy source that will power up this wonderful power-thirsty country? I must commend KenGen for the exploitation of Wind and Geothermal but still thats not enough.What do you think?

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    am there to make it real by God's grace