Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Turbines Have Arrived!

Its with pleasure that the 'manufacturer' has finally delivered the Turbines. they came in yesterday and I have installed them except the nacelle which will be mounted towards the end due to mechanical breakage while other items are being installed too.

The towers are while made of durable plastic resin that will not corrode with the varying acidity of the soil and also termites that may come along.

As for the rest of the project, all is going well except for the quick growth of vegetation. I did drop a bean seed into the soil and Alas! within days a beanstalk was shooting. I left it to grow as long as it did not come into my way.

Plans are being improved to add residential home models which a friend of mine studying architecture will design for me. Electrical cables will be added thanks to my skills in AutoCAD Electrical 2012. Have a look...

ORIGINAL: The site before the turbines were installed.

I've numbered the turbines as UNIT1, UNIT2 & UNIT3 a system of numbering that I learned during my stay at Ol-Karia Geothermal Power Station.

LOCATION: Using locally available unga (maize) flour, I carefully marked the place where the deep excavation would take place for the foundation of the towers.
The towers are of the Monopole type.

UNIT 1: After some time I managed to set-up Unit1 successfully. The sun was going down and the others have to be vertical by sundown.

ALL SET: Deep into the night thanks to my mulika mwizi (mobile phone flashlight) I was able to make sure that the work was done. They don't look thaaat pretty now just give them time and you will be amazed.

I will give updates this week on Friday, as soon as I finish with the landscaping and uploading the plans made with AutoCAD and WindFamer. Back to my Chinese assignments...3months down, 3more to go. woohoo!

Have a electric day, wont you?

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