Thursday, June 30, 2011

KPLC is now Kenya Power

With time come a change and that is why The Kenya Power & Lighting Company (as was previously known) is now simply, Kenya Power. Kenya Power is Kenya's largest power distribution company that feeds power to all places.
This corporate re-branding has come at a time when the company is undertaking some organization strategies to focus more on the customer and service delivery. I must say that the new logo is as they wanted, neat and clean.

The Logo Design Competition was a nationwide competition that attracted many designers with their unique designs of the logo to be, even me i had mine. This was last year (2010). The deadline came and all who wanted to participate had submitted. Still don't know who won, but congrats to him/her + their runners up. Though it had taken time but still good, worth the delay.

From KPLC website...
KPLC, which will now be known as Kenya Power, embarked on a corporate culture change and rebranding exercise in 2009 with the aim of transforming the distribution network in order to render more reliable and responsive services to customers and to sustain its good financial performance.

 According to Kenya Power Managing Director and CEO, Eng. Joseph Njoroge, the project entailed creation of a new organisational culture, a new logo, and a corporate brand which supports the company’s long term objectives and meets the increasing expectations of its customers.

In a presentation he made to guests during launch of the new brand at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Eng. Njoroge revealed that the company anticipates electricity demand to climb to 15,000 MW by the year 2030 owing to economic growth as envisioned by the government.

 He said the company was intensifying efforts to increase population access to electricity from the current 29% to a target of 40% by the year 2020 as part of a medium-plan target of Vision 2030.

 This will be achieved through an electricity scale up programme implemented by the company and the Rural Electrification Authority. Kenya Power has been connecting 200,000 new customers to the national grid every year since 2008 in support of the programme.

 Eng. Njoroge said electricity demand has been growing at an annual average rate of 5.3% over the last five years and is expected to accelerate to over 10% per year due to implementation of development projects in support of the national vision.

 To meet the current rising demand, the power sector is implementing various generation projects. By 2014 it is anticipated that that electricity generation capacity will increase to 1,789 MW. Currently, peak demand stands at 1,191 MW against the available generation capacity of 1,359 MW as at May 2011.

 To support the grand objectives outlined by the company’s strategic plan, Kenya Power is scouting for a consultant to develop a power distribution master plan that will accelerate access to quality electricity in all the counties by the year 2030. The master plan will explore the possibility of establishing high voltage substations of 220/66kV at various locations in Nairobi while establishing 27 additional distribution substations across the country.

 He reported that the company has, at the same time, initiated a Shs.20 billion underground cabling project in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. The project involves the conversion of overhead power lines to an underground system so as to enhance reliability and quality of power supply to customers.

 The company has also initiated the process of automating its power distribution in Nairobi and Mombasa at a cost of Shs.500 million. Upon completion, the project will facilitate the efficient monitoring and quick resolution of disturbances in the power network in order to minimise interruption of electricity to customers.

 The Kenya Power rebranding project is being implemented by a consortium comprising Ogilvy & Mather East Africa Ltd., McKinney Rogers Kenya Ltd., and SBO Research Kenya Ltd.

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