Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 Steps to install a small wind power project

Thinking of installing a domestic wind turbine?
Good, now read on....

Measure the electrical consumption of your domestic appliances in KWh

Step 2
Access your wind resource.

Head to the dealer and select a turbine and a tower basing your selection on the wind resource. The dealer will advice you.

Contact the municipal authority or council for laws or regulations that may hinder your project.
Make sure you have a permit to erect a structure beyond a certain limit so that it does not endanger your neighbours.

Contact the local utility power supply to sign feed-in grid tariff if any.

Obtain a license for the wiring done from your turbine to the tower and the grid. This can be arranged by the local utility company.

Time to order the parts including the turbine and generator.

Install the system

Commission the system, but you'll probably require a CERTIFIED Installer to do this. Then perform regular
maintenance on the system.Enjoy your system.

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