Friday, December 10, 2010

Kengen to shut down Emergency Power Generators

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company, KenGen: Kenya's largest power producer is ready to switch off Emergency Power Generators. These power generators were commissioned last year (2009) during the period of acute shortage in power caused by low rainfall and low water levels in the hydroelectric dams.

The Emergency Power Generators which produce 150MWinto the grid, produce power from Diesel fuel resulting in the high electricity costs for Kenyans. The Power Relief cost the government 1.7Billion Ksh and have been running since the commissioning.

The expected switch off of these fuel guzzlers will take place on 6th January 2010.This will mean less power bills in the coming future as the government calls investors to explore the rich energy potential of Kenya. On the other hand, The Kenya Power & Lighting Company, KPLC - The Largest distributor of power, said consumers have been pointing a finger on them blaming them of huge power bills. KPLC has reassured its customers that they have to charge a higher Fuel Levy because of the Emergency Power generators.

A recent survey of the power in Kenya shows that the countries over-reliance of Hydro Power has seen massive shortage of power once the rains falls. It is because of this that Ken Gen has embarked of an expansion of its Geothermal Power at Olkaria, Naivasha.


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