Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maker Faire Africa 2010 - UoN

On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th the University of Nairobi played host to a very wonderful event that brought innovative makers together to showcase their works and share ideas.I happened to go to the climax event on Saturday and I was amazed at the creativity of young minds bound to change this world as we know it in a night.The Make Faire event has been running for some time and has provided young makers a launchpad for taking their wonderful creations to a whole new level.
As i made my way though the exhibitions, I made a few stops to ask questions and take a few pictures at the creations.
Specifically, Maker Faire Africa focuses on the following:
----Brighten the light on local examples of the “fabrication” ethos
----Provide mechanisms to incubate these innovators and their products to a point where they can be taken to market
----Connect refined plans to disseminate innovations with...

venture finance.

The Faire
The Picture on the right shows the place where the
Faire took place.No better place could have hosted
such a scientific event other than inside the University
of Nairobi.Kudos to them
More pictures.

 The following is a compilation of what transpired at the Saturday event with pics of the hottest innovations. 
 Norbert's Solar Powered Street Light using LED.
This project captured my eyes as i made my way into the ground.It involves a street light that are powered by a battery which is charged using a solar panel.One would say that this is very common because of using solar panels but he employed LEDs which use low power and have a high luminous intensity.

The Street Lights in action.Kudos to Nobert

The Innovative solar powered flash lights

 that poduce enough light for reading.

This Digital drum was qiute innovative for spreading IT in Rural areas.


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