Monday, August 16, 2010

Community Power Centers (CPC) : UNIDO

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in partnership with other stakeholders has been working on a project of lighting up Kenya using electricity generated from renewable sources. The energy generated is taken to a village power center that acts as a community development center.Once electricity is at the center, it is used for different applications. Presently, unto 2Billion people lack access to modern energy mainly those living in of-grid areas.

The Community Power Centers Project

The community power project is a source of energy powered by zero-emission hybrid renewable energy sources such as:
 Micro-hydro, Mini-hydro

Straight Vegetable Oil fed Engine Generator

The energy from the above sourced is used to provide power for lighting and productive activities to offered areas with primary focus on Millennium Villages of Kenya. The electricity produced can be used also to run small agro-processing and other enterprises.

Zero-Emission Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources
1. Micro & Mini Hydro
Micro-hydro is a smaller version of the Mini-hydro interns of output capacity and physical size. Both work under the same principle of operation of which is basically the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy. The mechanical energy here is from turbines i.e. the falling or moving water. UNIDO focuses on small scale projects with less than 1kW and 1OOW

This is the form of heat or electricity produced by using bio-mass. The main sources of bio-mass are industrial, agricultural and animal waste. The waste from biogas projects can be used as nitrogenous fertilizer.

3. Bio-Fuels
Bio-Fuels is defined as solid, liquid orgies fuel derived from recently dead biological material and is distinguished from Fossil fuel, which are derived from long dead biological material.
4.Wind Turbines
This is the conversion of mechanical energy of rotating blades through suitable gears to electrical energy with the help of a generator. UNIDO couples wind energy with SVO generators and solar.

n-Going Projects
Kagwanja CPC
Kaririwa River, Murang'a North District

Homabay CPC
Homabay District
Wind Energy

Operation Projects
Kajiado CPC
Kajaido District
Solar, Wind & Biodiesel

Cheptabach CPC (2 Centers)
Chemosit River, Kericho District

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For more information contact:
UNIDO Representative for Kenya and Eritrea,
P.O. Box 41609. 00100 GPO,
UN Complex - Room Q-118
Nairobi, Kenya,
Tel. (+254 20) 762 4369,
Alt 762 4370
Fax. (+254 20) 762 4368

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