Thursday, May 6, 2010

Masinga Dam Scare - Dam Failure Possibilities

In the Tana Delta and Garissa, Masinga dam is currently at 1053.6m against a Full Supply Level (FSL) of 1056.5m, according to KRCS. This means that Masinga is only 2.9m to reaching the FSL. The EOC, KenGen and the UoN School of Mathematics will determine the overspill point or neighborhood. Once this is determined and if the rains persist as projected by the KMD, risk reduction measures ahead of the imminent floods are required.

Masinga Dam is a manmade lake. It produces much of the hydroelectric power used in some parts of Kenya like Mombasa town.It is one the seven folks Tana river projects.It borders Yatta District and Mbeere District.It stretches to Thika On the west.It holds Marine life,Fish,hippotamus and crocodilles.Much of its fish is supplied to Thika,Embu,Nairobi,Matuu and Masinga town.

Due to the heavy rains that have been pounding the area for the last 5months, the dam's capacity has grown exponentially.Commissioned in 1981 the dam has a reservoir capacity (F.S.L) of 1056.5m. This is the Full Supply Level or the maximum amount of water it can hold before the spilling. Presently the water level is at
1053.6m.Should the current levels continue rising the spillways are going to direct the excess water down the river and could result to flooding downstream.

Spillways are constructed to protect the dam walls from the immense pressure of increasing water in the dam are are supposed to direct water out of the dam.This is a safety precaution.

Reference: KenGen - Masinga Dam 

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