Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Power Blackout in Kenya

Kenya was today put out of power due to a breakdown in one of the power stations.According to KPLC (Kenya Power & Lighting Company) - the sole distribution and transmitting company, two Generators at Gitaru Power Station momentarily broke down leading to a shutdown of the other generators because they could not handle the load. The blackout lasted for an approximately 3hrs (from 1pm to 4pm) and was soon corrected by the engineers.Gitaru power station is the biggest station in terms of installed and effective capacity. The highest recorded combined output was on 22nd May 2002 when the output was 222MW and in November 2006 the unit recorded 220MW during one evening peak.The number of units installed are three, producing a total capacity of 225 MW which is the biggest hydro in E. Africa. Number 1 was commissioned 1999 with a rated capacity of 81.5.MW. the second and third were installed in 1978 rating a capacity of 72.5MW.

-------KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company)

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