Saturday, April 10, 2010

Electric Pole in the middle of a Road!!

Is this the 8th Wonder of the world?
In Igemebe North Constituency, Eastern Province-Kenya lies a mysterious and mixed up piece of what many might call an engineering mess.Right in the middle of Wiyara Road stands an electric pole.The completion of the road was to follow the installation of power to the area but the two projects ran in to each other resulting to the installation of an electric pole in the middle of the road.

The area residents,still wondering how this came to be, are left to marvel at the sight which is a time bomb for motorists and pedestrians.Motorists have to slow down as the approach the bend where the pole stands to avoid unimaginable disaster.The pole supports distribution cables carrying Single Phase Voltage(240V).

According to the area residents the road was completed first before the electricity supply.The Kenya Power and Lighting Company(KPLC) asked the contractor to remove the pole but the Ministry of Roads(MoR) said that the pole should be removed by KPLC an their(kplc) cost.
This definitely isn't an eighth wonder of the world because no sane civil or electric power engineer would approve the construction of a road where there is an electric pole or vice versa.Wow, this is Kenya.If such projects are approved, the we wouldn't be shocked to see the same repeated in the capital-Nairobi
What is left now is left now is for motorists to be very careful as the approach the pole and for area residents to wonder at this odd site.

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