Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nigeria - Powerline falls on bus killing 20

At least 20 people have been killed in southern Nigeria after a 33kV power cable fell on their bus, police have said.Another ten people have been injured and taken to Hospital in the southern provincial capital of Port Harcourt in the Niger Delta region on Saturday.The victims died of severe burns and electrocution after heavy rains loosened the power lines around the area.The fatalities are expected to rise, police said Sunday. They also say that some of the casualties were passersby...

Authorities have been unable to account for all the victims as the exact number of passengers on the bus remains unclear.An Associated Press cameraman saw 10 bodies charred beyond recognition at a local hospital.The two buses struck were both Nissan Urvan models.The cables are said to be carrying a lethal 33kV which electrocuted passengers.The Rivers State government has ordered a report from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria about how the cable was still live when it broke

Safety Tip in such circumstances.
When a power line falls on your vehicle, bus,truck e.t.c it is safe not to touch any metal parts in the vehicle. Stay still as much as possible till professional help arrives.Doing so will keep you safe from any live parts in your vehicle.The worst mistake you can ever make is to try and step outside with your body still in the car. Doing so will just provide current with a much easier path (grounding) to the ground and you will be electrocuted seriously.So stay put.

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